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Dear Madam/Sir,
within the NEWRON project, which is guaranteed by the Masaryk University, we are addressing parents of children with the Asperger syndrome which would be interested in integrating their children to the process of entertained gaming which could help them as well as the research project itself.

The involvement is based on playing different games using various technologies, such as MS Kinect. Some of these games are originally created by Microsoft, but the main aim of the project is to create our own software tool (in cooperation with the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts MU and the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics, MU). This software is focused primarily on children with autistic spectrum disorders.

The NEWRON software tool and more information can be found at All technical equipment (MS Kinect, event. Xbox and the software) can be lend for a long-term (eventually later as a gift). You should possess your own computer / laptop and monitor or television.

The NEWRON application is freely available and will be further innovated at the Masaryk University with respect to current needs of end users (children and their families suffering from various pervasive developmental disorders, hyperactivity or other psycho-social disorders).
MS Kinect is the device which captures the human movements and transfers it to the monitor. It enables to play various games without the necessity to use any controller in your hands. When the users can see their movements on the monitor, they are more motivated to continue with playing and they evolve their movements. The development of the motor functions is closely related to the development of cognitive and executive functions. We are also preparing conditions for using the software in the social context (children playing with parents or siblings, etc., copying mimics and gestures which helps to train social skills, “reading” emotions, empathy, …)
To summarize, the project aims to study how gaming using MS Kinect device can support specific areas of development of children with Asperger syndrome and how this will really influence their common life (at school, work, etc. ).The project also aims to promote the general knowledge about the autism and supporting children and adolescents to use IT in the most effective and meaningful way.

The following video shows the usability of the Kinect device:

You can join the project for free. You can also join the promotion activities connected with the project (the long-term documentary of the Czech Television, attending workshops and conferences, attending specialized courses at the Masaryk University, etc.).

When interested in joining the project, please contact us at:

Thank you for your support,
Pavel Humpolíček