The goal of this project is to support families of children with a pervasive psychic disorder.

In the first phase, our project focuses on children and adolescents suffering from autistic spectrum disorders (such as Asperger syndrome), their families, schools, medical and leisure time centers, institutions, associations, etc.

The project is based on modern information technologies, which are currently or will be in the nearest future freely (or for a minimum price) available for the public.

One of the main current goals is to create and open-source software tool with the therapeutic potential for children and adolescent with the Asperger syndrome.

Among other goals belongs the support of families and institutions via volunteering by students from the Masaryk University (psychology, IT, pedagogy, social studies, etc.). Moreover, we aim to increase the general knowledge about the specifics of children and adolescents with various psychic problems (currently the Asperger syndrome).

In order to maintain the quality of the project, it is important to stay in touch with the users. Thus, if you could help the project by providing us with any impulse or additional information, we would be very grateful for that. Please use the contacts listed in the Contact page.

Thank you for your support,